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Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins:

The combination of strictly dosed physical exertion with therapeutic measures, massage sessions and water procedures will help in activating the processes of blood supply to the lower extremities. It is desirable that there are at least thirty minutes in the daily routine for physical therapy.

In any physical therapy room, the instructor will offer the necessary set of useful exercises.

The warm-up should be performed before getting out of bed. The tilting of the socks and the rotational movements of the feet will help to facilitate getting out of bed without experiencing discomfort.

Therapeutic gymnastics should be started from the top, including all the muscle groups of the body in the work. A prerequisite for performing a set of exercises is gradualness. You can’t force loads. Performing exercises should not cause pain and cause discomfort.

Turns and tilts of the head will help to stretch the cervical region. To strengthen the shoulder girdle, swings and rotational movements of the arms, turns of the trunk are performed. Leaning forward stretches your back. For the spine, it is useful to perform exercises with a back bend, like a cat. After that, you can proceed to the exercises for the legs.

With caution, you should perform squats and swings with your feet, you should not make excessive efforts.

Very useful for varicose veins is rolling from heel to toe, it should certainly be present in the complex of exercises. Exercises with a special ball, performed lying down, give tone to the muscles.

In the absence of a ball, you can perform the exercises “bicycle” or “scissors”. Lying on your stomach, you can lift your legs, both or one at a time, as is more convenient. The complex should be completed with stretching exercises, which are done very carefully.